CRIF AG has determined the CRIF rate of defaulting debtors in Switzerland. Despite the persistence of the coronavirus crisis, the rate of defaulting debtors has once again fallen slightly (from 6.45% to 6.15%) in comparison with January 2021. The number of defaulting debtors has dropped to 534,803.

Slight decline in the rate of defaulting debtors
The CRIF rate of defaulting debtors amounts to 6.15% of all private individuals in Switzerland. This represents a slightly lower value than the 6.45% recorded in January 2021. The actual number of defaulting debtors in Switzerland has fallen, von 559,985 in January 2021 to its current value of 534,803. CRIF believes that this fall can be attributed to the rise in the rate of savings and the compensation paid for short-time working. “Our Partners are also telling us that debtors are re-discovering funding sources, and that they have settled their loss certificates and debts”, explains Christian Maron, Head of Analytics at CRIF.

Higher rates of defaulting debtors reported by western Switzerland, Basel Stadt and Ticino
In some cantons, the rate of defaulting debtors has either improved slightly or has remained at the same level as last year. However, some differences do exist between the various regions. Western Switzerland and Ticino have higher rates of defaulting debtors than the remainder of Switzerland. For example, the Canton of Neuchâtel has the highest rate of defaulting debtors, at 10.3%, followed by Geneva at 9.4%, Basel Stadt (8.0%), Vaud (7.8%) and Solothurn at 7.6% each. Ticino has achieved an improvement, to 7.5% compared with 8.0% in January.

The best payers are in Appenzell Innerrhoden
The Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden has the best payers in Switzerland, as well as the lowest rate of defaulting debtors, at 1.6%. In central Switzerland, the Cantons of Zug, Uri, Obwalden and Nidwalden also report low rates of defaulting debtors.

CRIF rate of defaulting debtors
The CRIF rate of defaulting debtors is calculated on the basis of all those private individuals who are involved in debt enforcement proceedings following requests for continuation of enforcement demands, bankruptcies and loss certificates. In addition, CRIF also consolidates and includes the payment records of over 10,000 businesses across the whole of Switzerland. This survey was carried out on 31st August 2021.