Your path to ESG excellence

Not sure where you are on your ESG journey? The CRIF ESG Score provides you with an initial point of reference and enables you to take the first step on this journey.
The CRIF ESG Score is available in Switzerland for around 475,000 corporations that are entered in the commercial register. In addition, CRIF can also provide the ESG scores for companies in the EU27 countries if required.
The data used for these calculations is made up of CRIF’s own data and publicly available data from the relevant companies. The assessment includes an overall ESG score as well as a breakdown into the E, S and G categories.

The methodological calculation is based on the specifications of the European Banking Authority and the rating agency CRIF Ratings and uses a rating scale from A (very high sustainability performance) to E (very low sustainability performance). The points obtained from the data are totalled to give an overall score and assigned to the relevant letter in the rating scale. The CRIF ESG Score provides a preliminary projection for assessing ESG performance. The score also considers the estimated CO2 equivalents for Scope 1 and 2 of the relevant company. This makes it possible to provide preliminary projections for the calculation of your own Scope 3. Further detailed information for the supplier share Scope 3 can be requested via the Synesgy questionnaire.

With our extensive data, we can give you an initial assessment of your ESG score and also provide corresponding data for your supplier or customer portfolio.

If the ESG score is not sufficient, we will be happy to provide you with the estimated CO2 equivalents for Scope 1 and Scope 2. That way, you already know where you need to take the largest environmental actions without expending much effort.

Your benefits

Rough situation analysis

The ESG score provides an initial indication of the sustainability performance of companies.

CO2 equivalents for Scope 1 and 2

The estimated CO2 equivalents for Scope 1 and 2 are provided.

Risk assessment

The ESG score is the basis for an initial risk assessment and materiality estimate.

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