Automation of credit processes

The CRIF Foundation Framework (CFF) is a flexible, agile and innovative business process management (BPM) tool that has been specially developed for processes such as customer onboarding and credit management.

CFF enables companies to automate end-to-end processes by integrating all systems involved to deliver either predefined or customised solutions that meet your specific credit processing requirements.

Why CRIF Foundation Framework?
With CFF, you have complete control over your business activities. Track every step of the process, including status and activity logs, to ensure maximum straight-through processing. Our platform is designed to support all geographic regions, sales channels, credit products and market segments across your organisation. Our process compilation technology incorporates best practices, supports API and open banking, and is inherently designed for productivity.

Your benefits

Comprehensive overview

Business processes can be tracked online at any time.

Predefined modules

Support you in your decision-making processes.

Global scalability

The multilingual solution means that CFF can be used in different countries with a single installation.

Simple data integration

Due to REST and SOAP web service technologies.

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