The global platform for more transparency

To create transparency within the company and along the entire supply chain, CRIF developed the global platform Synesgy, which is represented in 50 countries. It provides a qualitative ESG questionnaire including industry-specific questions. This is divided into the five macro areas of business, environment, social, governance and industry, and is available in 25 different languages. The platform enables companies to carry out a self-evaluation and an assessment along the entire supply chain. A separate questionnaire was designed for SMEs with up to 50 employees to specifically address the requirements of these companies.

The platform supports the recording of responses in the system and, once the questionnaire has been completed, displays an ESG score on which the KPIs are mapped graphically. The final evaluation by Synesgy provides the company with a score and a certificate, which can be downloaded directly from the platform and integrated into the company’s website. The Synesgy certificate complies with internationally recognised standards (SDG, GRI, ESRS) and is valid for one year.

Your benefits

ESG self-assessment

Review your sustainability level and ESG score to obtain a personalised roadmap. and become more sustainable.

Management and monitoring of the supply chain

Evaluation of the sustainability of the supply chain through an updated monitoring system.

Guaranteed transparency

in assessing the production process in the supply chain through dashboards, evaluations, and benchmarking.


Internationally recognised and complies with international standards.

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