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Do you want to find out how good your business’s credit rating is?

Opt for myCRIFdata Business and receive an up-to-date report on your company’s credit rating.

What is myCRIFdata Business?

myCRIFdata Business gives you access to your data for one year. You benefit from daily updates and are notified immediately of any changes to your credit rating. You are also provided with the Certificate of Credit Standing, which demonstrates your company’s good credit status, on condition that your business has been known to our database for one year and your credit status is good. You can show the Certificate of Credit Standing to your business partners or when you’re applying for credit to take advantage of more favourable terms and conditions.

Who was this service designed for?

Businessman Square S

Anybody wanting to find out their company’s credit rating

Generate the report in a few simple clicks to find out the company’s credit rating.

come viene vista la propria azienda

Anybody wanting to keep up to date with changes in credit scores.

You will receive daily updates, as well as notifications as soon as your company’s credit rating changes.

mettinconto business a chi si rivolge difficoltà accesso al credito

Anybody wanting to view their data.

myCRIFdata Business gives you access to your data for one year.