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The CRIF Consulting division specialises in organising ESG workshops and offers consulting services on ESG governance and strategies. Companies are supported in a variety of ways, such as with the introduction of ESG certifications or the assessment of ESG risks. Furthermore, we work closely with companies to develop customised ESG strategies and ensure their implementation along the Scope 3 supply chain.

CRIF Consulting also offers ESG consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises. These clients receive comprehensive support in all ESG-related matters to ensure that they can operate successfully in this important area.

With our ESG workshops, we not only inform managers about the topic and its importance, but also sensitise all employees. Because together we can promote ESG in your company too.

Your benefits

ESG workshops

Promote better knowledge about ESG.

ESG strategies

Detailed advice on improving the ESG strategy in the company.

Supply chain integration

Creation of a marketing campaign to onboard the supply chain.

Consultancy for large companies and SMEs

Consultancy is offered to companies of all sizes.

Other solutions

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