Strengthens your decision-making

StrategyOne is a decision-making platform developed by CRIF that enables your organisation to make informed decisions, promote customer loyalty, increase sales and margins, manage risk, and effectively implement business and regulatory policies.

StrategyOne enables users to quickly and easily implement, check, monitor and update business rules, credit scoring, calculations and entire decision-making processes without programming. This allows for automated and reliable decision-making across your entire business area.

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Automated and secure decision-making

Benefit from company-wide decision management that allows business users to make decisions with ease and flexibility. StrategyOne enables rapid implementation, testing, monitoring and modification of rules, credit assessments and calculations without programming.

Improve your performance and marketing strategies

From pre-screening and underwriting to ongoing risk management, marketing campaigns and collection strategies, StrategyOne covers the entire customer lifecycle, addressing all aspects of decision management with a graphical, user-friendly decision technology.

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Your benefits

Optimise your strategies

Use data and analyses to improve your strategies.

Increased control and monitoring

Monitor your strategies to measure your business goals and react immediately to increase profits and limit losses.

Intuitive visual design

Fast creation and testing of decision logic without programming.

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