Supports online traders with payments against invoice and protection against fraud

Would you like to offer payment against invoice? Do you need support with the prevention of fraud or to optimise your risk management system? With CRIF’s solutions, you can minimise debt defaults relating to payments against invoice and increase your revenue by more than a third.

Largest pool of information in the area covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland
CRIF-Online, run by CRIF, is the biggest B2B and B2C risk pool in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region. By using identity and credit checks, control of payment method, address management and fraud prevention solutions, we can support e-commerce companies in achieving effective, all-round protection against all types of risk.

Maximising revenue – Minimising payment default
We combine the relevant data with valuable decision-making criteria, interpreting them selectively with the help of scores. We can then improve our estimate of default probability, and achieve optimum control over payment methods.

Protection against risk and fraud on the web
Optimise your checkout processes and protect yourself effectively against all types of risk and fraud. You can integrate CRIF’s products directly into your web shop, use them efficiently and easily and, if you like, expand them on a modular basis to create an overall solution.

The added value you gain with CRIF

  • Up to 30% increase in turnover with “purchasing against invoice”
  • Decisions made in real time
  • Lower purchase abort rate
  • Optimum acceptance rates
  • Extremely high rates of identification, address verification and discrimination
  • Fast, easy integration into your online shop
  • Minimised risk of fraud and payment defaults
  • Made-to-measure control of payment methods
  • Comprehensive, most up-to-date database for the Germany, Austria, Switzerland region
  • Complete outsourcing solutions with attractive Terms & Conditions
  • CRIF takes on your risk and debt management for purchases on account (classical debt collection, debt purchasing,
    factoring and payment guarantees

E-commerce solutions

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Identification (KYC)

Know your customers: Get to know your customers better and protect your company from fraud and financial losses.

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Risk management

Make well-founded decisions, safely manage your risks, and ensure seamless connections with your customers.

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Portfolio management

Make well-founded decisions, cultivate long-lasting customer relationships, and manage risks effectively.

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Find new customers that fit perfectly in your portfolio.

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