Efficient address management

Ensuring that customer or supplier addresses are up to date is critical for a company’s business activities. Incorrect or outdated addresses lead to an ever-increasing amount of returned post and consequently more manual processing time. CRIF offers intelligent and simple solutions to keep addresses up to date, clean up double entries and efficiently handle returned post.

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Address collecting with CRIF

  • The best hit rates with reliable identification of the person/company being looked up thanks to an address history and dates of birth
  • Support for the manual processing of returned post
  • Graphical displays for addresses to ensure reliable deliveries
  • Optional query choices for more powerful address searches
  • Collection of an up-to-date confirmation of address from the competent citizen registry office

Active address management

  • Checking, expanding, and updating address information
  • Comparing addresses before dispatch via a system that priorities addresses by how likely the delivery is to be successful
  • Removal of double entries by combining different address information sources
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Your benefits

Excellent address quality

Integration of more than 3,000 data sources.

The best hit rates and identification

The person/company being looked up has an address history and date of birth.

Address deliverability rating

Each address includes a rating of how likely the delivery is to be successful.

Increased efficiency

Thanks to many years of experience in data management and the use of innovative technology.

Up-to-date address information

Before sending things out, you can check and update your addresses in our system.

Other solutions

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