The new CEO has 30 years' experience in Accenture, where he held roles of increasing responsibility, eventually becoming Senior Managing Director and part of the Global Leadership Council. In his early career, Bonomi was involved in project development primarily in the banking and insurance sectors in Italy, while later he was called on to put his experience to use in the development of international markets, recently in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkey.

A graduate in engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome, 57 years old and married with two children, Bonomi will have responsibility for the business both for the domestic and the global market, where today CRIF operates through its direct subsidiaries in more than 30 countries across 4 continents.
The aim of this appointment by the Bologna-based company, guided by its Chairman Carlo Gherardi, is to continue along the business's profitable growth path, a distinguishing feature in its 30-year history which led the company to exceed the target of 500 million euros in total revenues in 2017.

As well as further strengthening the company's presence on the market thanks to a broad and quality offering of added-value solutions, Bonomi's appointment is aimed at giving new impetus to the growth and distinctive positioning of CRIF.
CRIF's global strategy will remain unchanged; over time this strategy has seen a constant increase in investments, on the one hand to position its business on global markets through a plan of acquisitions and start-ups, and on the other hand in research and innovation to provide increasingly advanced and high-performance services in the field of credit and business information and risk management solutions, anticipating market needs.

“I'm honored and proud to have been called on to take on this role by a company which, over a 30-year history of success, has been able to attain a leadership position in such an advanced and extremely competitive market as credit management solutions,” commented Eugenio Bonomi, the new Chief Executive Officer of CRIF. “I will be joining a large, solid and internationally-recognized group, whose success is based on the skills of more than 4,200 associates across the globe, who every day dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and determination to satisfying our clients' needs, with a passion for the challenges faced and very close attention to the quality being offered. I completely agree about the top management's goal to ensure continuity of the strategy, reinforcing our proposition in line with the founding values of CRIF”.

“When I founded CRIF, I never could have imagined the success and great satisfaction that this exciting and all-encompassing experience would bring me. Over these 30 years, thanks to the passion of everyone that has traveled alongside me on this adventure, it has been possible to build a business able to compete on a global scale with historic players operating in this industry, creating a highly regarded brand thanks to the quality of the solutions offered and the ability to anticipate our clients' needs”, added Carlo Gherardi, Chairman of CRIF. “CRIF has now reached significant dimensions, and so in order to continue on our strategy of innovation and development of new partnerships, I believed it was time to involve a manager with proven experience such as Eugenio Bonomi, who could work alongside me, bringing an irrefutable contribution in terms of strategic vision to help us make a further leap in quality and propel us towards a future which, I'm sure, will bring great value to our clients and great satisfaction to us. Together to the next level”.

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF operates over four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). CRIF is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on a global level in the field of integrated services for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management. Over 6,300 banks and financial institutions, 44,000 business clients and 240,000 consumers use CRIF services in 50 countries on a daily basis. In 2017, CRIF's total revenue was more than 500 million euros.
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