• Zurich, 20th September 2023

    E-mail access data are stolen most frequently

    E-mail accounts are among the most commonly stolen data on the dark web
    The amount of stolen personal data on the dark web increased by a total of 17.9% in the first six months of the year.

  • Zurich, 10 July 2023

    CRIF assigns ESG scores to more than 470,000 Swiss companies

    One third of these companies have been graded A or B, which indicates a level of sustainability that is very good or good. The majority of businesses achieved a satisfactory level of sustainability, while companies assigned a very good ESG score tend to be found in the services sector.

  • London, 12 June 2023

    CRIF recognised as a leader in AI decisioning by global independent research firm

    CRIF has been named as one of the top artificial intelligence decisioning platform providers in latest analysis from leading global analyst firm.

  • Zurich, 9 June 2023

    Slight rise in filings for bankruptcy

    In the first five months of this year, the number of corporate bankruptcies increased by 2.3% compared with the previous year. Even though the number of new company start-ups increased by 3.1%, there has been a slight fall in the net growth of the number of businesses.

  • Zurich, 24 May 2023

    Cyber criminals set their sights on credit cards

    CRIF Cyber Observatory: During the past year, more than 1.6 million warning messages were sent out in relation to data found on the dark web. The majority of hacked accounts point towards the entertainment sector (online games and dating sites). There has also been a sharp rise in the theft of credit cards in combination with CVV details and expiry dates.

  • Zurich, 17. May 2023

    Fewer businesses relocated their head offices within Switzerland during 2022. Thurgau gained companies while Zurich suffered a loss

    CRIF AG has examined the internal Swiss head office relocation destinations of businesses entered into the Commercial Register in 2022. The Cantons of Thurgau, Valais and Graubünden report the highest net inward movements.

  • Bologna, 16 May 2023

    CRIF has been named as one of thirteen of the most significant open banking providers

    CRIF named as one of the top open banking players in latest analysis from leading global analyst firm.

  • Zurich, 22 March 2023

    Slight fall in the rate of defaulting debtors to 6.1%

    The rate of defaulting debtors has fallen slightly in comparison with January 2022 (from 6.3% to 6.1%. The number of indepted people has dropped to 542,794. Men aged between 38 and 41 are the group most frequently in debt.

  • Zurich, 27 February 2023

    Female ratio at the management level is about 27.8%

    In Switzerland, women represent about 27.8% of managers and 23.9% at the Board Directors level. Ten years ago, the equivalent ratios were lower than this: 23.8% at the management and 20.5% at the Board level. The Canton of Aargau boasts the highest proportion of women at the management level, at 30.5%.

  • Zurich, 6 January 2023

    Over 23% more bankruptcies than in previous year

    In 2022, the number of bankruptcies grew by 23.2% compared with the previous year. The construction industry suffered the highest number of bankruptcies, while the building construction sector reported the highest percentage rise at 48.6%. In 2022, there were more than 50,000 new business start-ups – which is just 1% behind the record set in 2021.


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