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Reduction in business start-ups in Switzerland in the 4th quarter

Reduction of 2.4% in business start-ups in Switzerland in the 4th quarter

In Switzerland, 2.4% fewer companies were founded in the fourth quarter.


Study on fraud in Swiss online trading 2018

Over 92% of all the traders they surveyed had been affected by fraud and report higher losses

CRIF SA, in conjunction with the Swiss Association of mail order traders (Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels VSV), conducted another online survey in October 2018 of Swiss online and mail order retailers on the subject of fraud. More than 92 percent of the retailers contacted had already been affected at least once by fraud.


CRIF rate of defaulting debtors

Debtor ratio in Switzerland rises sharply to 6.1%

Across the whole of Switzerland, the ratio of debtors has risen from a level of 5.6% in 2017 to 6.1%.


  • Zurich, 23 May 2019

    Digital Commerce Award

    CRIF sponsored the Connect Digital Commerce conference and the Digital Commerce Award. Daniel Gamma presented the award in the Lifestyle and Hobby category to the winner, Digitec Galaxus. Congratulations.

  • Lugano, 7 May 2019

    Annual CRIF meeting in Lugano

    On 7 May 2019 the 8th annual meeting with CRIF took place in Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland. CRIF presented various studies based on their data and clients and partners presented their success stories.

  • Zurich, 28 September 2017

    CRIF Update 2017

    The traditional CRIF Update customer event took place in Zurich at the end of September. This tackled topics such as address management, Financial Intermediary Casino and innovations and analyses from CRIF.

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  • Zurich, 8 October 2019

    Increase of 4.6% in the number of business start-ups in the third quarter of 2019

    10,133 new businesses were set up in the third quarter of 2019, representing an increase of 4.6% compared with the previous year. On the other hand, 15.9% more companies were removed from the register than in same period last year, and the net growth in the number of companies fell by just under 20%.

  • Bologna, 2 October 2019

    CRIF is ranked once again among the top 50 FinTech companies on a global scale in 2019

    The IDC FinTech Rankings, the most comprehensive classification of technology suppliers for the financial sector, once again cite CRIF for the seventh year running.

  • Zurich, 25th September 2019

    Record high: 97% of online traders affected by fraud

    The number of fraud attempts in the online trading sector is increasing year after year. In 2019, 97% of all the traders questioned declared that they had already been affected by fraud on at least one occasion. This is an increase of 4.6% on the previous year. This finding was provided by a study undertaken by the CRIF credit information agency, in association with VSV Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels (the Swiss association of online traders).

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