"The construction material data pool supplies every connected VSBH member with up-to-date address and credit information. Successful credit management is therefore guaranteed."


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    "As a curator of our own real estate, we frequently use CRIF services offered by CRIF and receive valuable decision-making guidance on the selection of tenants. The scope and quality of this additional information, as well as the simple and efficient operation of the tools provided, have met our requirements. Overall, we have been able to increase our efficiency while reducing costs associated with legal action and loss of rent."

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    "We are very pleased with the services offered by CRIF. Not only the extent and up-to-dateness of data, but branch-specific information on commercial real estate in particular provides us with valuable support. Moreover, we value the clearly structured reports, simple operations and transparency of costs from CRIF."

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    Sanitas Troesch

    "The construction-pool is a daily supplier of up-to-date address and credit information used to evaluate new and existing customers. Consequently, CRIF represents an integral part of our successful credit management."