Starting from January 2024, larger companies in Switzerland will be required to provide a climate report. Many major businesses are still unaware of the ramifications of this policy; i.e. not only will they have to demonstrate their own efforts towards sustainability, they will also have to provide evidence of the sustainability of their supply chain.
That’s easier said than done: in particular, there is still very little consciousness or data available within Switzerland’s SME world to enable it to provide large enterprises with appropriate information about CO2 emissions and other matters relevant to ESG.
In its role as a leading business information agency, CRIF is organising an event to create greater transparency in the ESG area, and to show what steps businesses can take in this regard. 
Our sustainability experts will investigate the most important ESG regulatory authorities on the European and Swiss levels and set out the implications for both large businesses and SMEs. In addition, our clients and partners will demonstrate how you can organise your supply chain so that it meets the requirements of the ESG guidelines.
5 October 2023
14:30 Welcome, Dr. Manuel Zollikofer, CEO, CRIF
14:45 The Origins of ESG Regulation, Luca Bonaccorsi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Nomisma 
15:15 ESG Regulation Today and Tomorrow, Dr. Astrid Offenhammer, Senior Manager, Sustainability Regulation Corporates, PwC 
15:45 CRIF Data, Scores and Consultings for ESG, Richard Gaechter, Head Consulting Switzerland, CRIF
16:45 Creating Business with ESG, Gabriel Marosi, ESG Advisor to the Board, Erste Group Bank AG
17:15 Nachhaltigkeit konkret umsetzen, Patrick Zimmerli, Leiter Strategische Beschaffung, Meier Tobler AG
17:45 Aperitif & Networking
Courtyard by Marriott Zurich North, Max-Bill-Platz 19, 8050 Zurich