CRIF partners with Capital Bank N.A.

Capital Bank N.A., headquartered in Rockville, Md., wanted to automate the workflow and queuing for its credit card operations based on different phases of the application process as well as different characteristics of the application such as fraud verification and type of funding. It also needed the ability to change individual decision criteria without having to go through the entire development cycle or process. Capital Bank wanted a scalable solution that would help support continued growth for the OpenSky credit card business as well as ease the interface with other data providers and systems.

“Our specific needs called for agile and dynamic solutions, and CreditFlow and StrategyOne systems satisfied those requirements,” said Nick Bryan, President, OpenSky. “Partnering with CRIF gives our lending operations added flexibility needed to support accelerated portfolio growth and revenue generation.”

Built to streamline customer acquisitions, CreditFlow connects all of the necessary people and systems while meeting the end-to-end needs of the credit application process. It supports loans, credit cards and other financial products for consumer and business markets. StrategyOne enables institutions to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales, manage risk as well as implement business and regulatory policies and procedures. The system accomplishes this by integrating strategy design, execution and monitoring elements of the decision management process.
About CreditFlow & StrategyOne 
CreditFlow and StrategyOne are technology products within the CRIF Credit Framework, marketed as CRIF Synergy in the US market, which apply data and predictive analytics  to achieve sound & optimized decision-making and compliant processes in every phase of the credit lifecycle.  Used by hundreds of financial institutions and business in over 20 countries, they are extremely adaptable to any business, compliance regulation, and country requirement. Flexibility along with control and analytical features allow CRIF Credit Framework customers to be faster, better, and more efficient.

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