Best Practice: Discountlens
From the first Swiss contact lens business to the largest online lens provider in Switzerland. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of Jacqueline Urbach, the inventor of the popular colored lenses, we can buy every brand of contact lens and solution online at at the best possible price.

Because of our plans to expand into the European market, we faced the challenge involved in processing "deferred billing" payments throughout every German-speaking area of Europe. On the basis of our own research, we regarded this as the pre-requisite for us to succeed against our competitors in these markets.

To offer “deferred billing” payment in combination with an automated credit check for every country. Our goal was continuous, sustainable growth, which is why we aspired towards a low default rate in spite of deferred billing payment. If possible, the solution was required to access very high quality data in every country through one interface, but should still include country-specific management elements.

Automated credit checks integrated directly into the shop ordering process for every country through a single interface, combined with a country-specific payment method management system provided by CRIF.

"Convenient ordering with deferred billing" is the most customer-friendly payment method. This depends on reliable credit checks. We receive high-quality data from CRIF. With an 80% “deferred billing” volume and a debt loss of much less than 1% over the whole of the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region, we are convinced by the quality of this solution.

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    "Recent studies suggest that the use of credit cards as a method of ordering online is still met with resistance from a large number of customers. We at Blacksocks realized at an early stage that offering online deferred billing is a key factor of success for our online store. This is why we have been offering this service to our customers since it was launched. Thanks to the highly automated and very reliable credit screening solutions offered by CRIF in real time at the moment of purchase, we’re in a much better position to avoid losses from debtors."

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    "One of the key factors that differentiates the Competec Group is the ability of its customers to order on account. In this way, we can offer our IT and EU online customer base a convenient and almost unique service. In order to offer this service we rely on internal credit scoring and data supplied by CRIF."

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    "As a leading online wine store we rely on the automated credit scoring solutions offered by CRIF, which are directly integrated into our sales process. By offering deferred billing to our customers since the end of 2008, we have been able to sharply increase our sales. Today, up to 80% of our sales are carried out through deferred billing. The quality of the data provided is important to us and keeps losses from debtors low. Additionally, CRIF offers flexibility and expert knowledge."

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    In this instance, we were impressed by CRIF because they were not only able to offer us an excellent technical solution, but also able to immediately place a complete team of experts at our disposal to carry out the fraud detection activity itself.