Supports online traders

with payments against invoice and active protection against fraud

CRIF for e-Commerce

Would you like to offer payment against invoice? Do you need support with the prevention of fraud or to optimise your risk management system? With CRIF’s solutions, you can minimise debt defaults relating to payments against invoice and increase your revenue by more than a third.

Largest pool of information in the area covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland
CRIF-Online, run by CRIF, is the biggest B2B and B2C risk pool in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region. By using identity and credit checks, control of payment method, address management and fraud prevention solutions, we can support e-commerce companies in achieving effective, all-round protection against all types of risk.

Maximising revenue – Minimising payment default
We combine the relevant data with valuable decision-making criteria, interpreting them selectively with the help of scores. We can then improve our estimate of default probability, and achieve optimum control over payment methods.

Protection against risk and fraud on the web
Optimise your checkout processes and protect yourself effectively against all types of risk and fraud. You can integrate CRIF’s products directly into your web shop, use them efficiently and easily and, if you like, expand them on a modular basis to create an overall solution.

The added value you gain with CRIF
•    Up to 30% increase in turnover with “purchasing against invoice”
•    Decisions made in real time
•    Lower purchase abort rate
•    Optimum acceptance rates
•    Extremely high rates of identification, address verification and discrimination
•    Fast, easy integration into your online shop
•    Minimised risk of fraud and payment defaults
•    Made-to-measure control of payment methods
•    Comprehensive, most up-to-date database for the Germany, Austria, Switzerland region
•    Complete outsourcing solutions with attractive Terms & Conditions
•    CRIF takes on your risk and debt management for purchases on account (classical debt collection, debt purchasing,
      factoring and payment guarantees

Application review

CRIF offers numerous products to assess the risk of defaults on payments by corporations and private individuals. Create the optimum match between products, prices, payment terms and credit limits.


Address management

CRIF supports you in the updating, correction and enhancement of your customers’ core data and in research into addresses and inheritors.

Fraud prevention

CRIF collaborates with leading international partners to offer solutions and services to recognize fraud in applications or transactions.


Dealing with foreign customers and suppliers should not become a barrier to your international growth. CRIF will provide you with well thought-out solutions.


  • Zurich, 11 October 2023

    Swiss Credit Reporting Agencies release updated rules of conduct for the protection of personal data

    The IA Credit Reporting Agencies consisting of Creditreform, Crif, Dun & Bradstreet and Intrum, have harmonized their rules of conduct in accordance with the new Data Protection Act (FDPA).
    This ensures that personal data is adequately protected. These rules of conduct serve as a framework for the activities of credit reporting agencies and are of paramount importance in ensuring a fair and transparent market. Credit reporting agencies play a crucial role by providing access to credit for a wide range of individuals.

  • Zurich, 20th September 2023

    E-mail access data are stolen most frequently

    E-mail accounts are among the most commonly stolen data on the dark web
    The amount of stolen personal data on the dark web increased by a total of 17.9% in the first six months of the year.

  • Zurich, 10 July 2023

    CRIF assigns ESG scores to more than 470,000 Swiss companies

    One third of these companies have been graded A or B, which indicates a level of sustainability that is very good or good. The majority of businesses achieved a satisfactory level of sustainability, while companies assigned a very good ESG score tend to be found in the services sector.

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  • Zurich, 15 September 2023

    CRIF ESG Event

    CRIF is organising an event to create greater transparency in the ESG area, and to show what steps businesses can take in this regard. 

    Our experts will investigate the most important ESG regulatory authorities on the European and Swiss levels and set out the implications for both large businesses and SMEs. In addition, our clients and partners will demonstrate how you can organise your supply chain so that it meets the requirements of the ESG guidelines.

  • Zurich, 23 May 2019

    Digital Commerce Award

    CRIF sponsored the Connect Digital Commerce conference and the Digital Commerce Award. Daniel Gamma presented the award in the Lifestyle and Hobby category to the winner, Digitec Galaxus. Congratulations.

  • Lugano, 7 May 2019

    Annual CRIF meeting in Lugano

    On 7 May 2019 the 8th annual meeting with CRIF took place in Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland. CRIF presented various studies based on their data and clients and partners presented their success stories.

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