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Referenz CRIF

Reiner Gfeller, director management,
Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG

"As a curator of our own real estate, we frequently use CRIF services offered by CRIF and receive valuable decision-making guidance on the selection of tenants. The scope and quality of this additional information, as well as the simple and efficient operation of the tools provided, have met our requirements. Overall, we have been able to increase our efficiency while reducing costs associated with legal action and loss of rent."

bayard 24

bayard24 Matthias Hadorn, Marketing,
Protexa Online AG

"As an online store, providing customers with the ability to order and pay on invoice carries some risks, yet even more opportunities. With CRIF as our partner in automated credit scoring, we have managed to dramatically reduce losses from debtors while at the same time increasing sales through deferred billing. The quality of the data provided and the reliability and flexibility of CRIF is important to us."


BlackSocks Samy Liechti, Founder and Director,
Blacksocks SA

"Recent studies suggest that the use of credit cards as a method of ordering online is still met with resistance from a large number of customers. We at Blacksocks realized at an early stage that offering online deferred billing is a key factor of success for our online store. This is why we have been offering this service to our customers since it was launched. Thanks to the highly automated and very reliable credit screening solutions offered by CRIF in real time at the moment of purchase, we’re in a much better position to avoid losses from debtors."


Martin Lorenz, CFO Competec Gruppe,

"One of the key factors that differentiates the Competec Group is the ability of its customers to order on account. In this way, we can offer our IT and EU online customer base a convenient and almost unique service. In order to offer this service we rely on internal credit scoring and data supplied by CRIF."


"The goal of offering deferred billing combined with automated, international credit screening has been realized thanks to the incorporation of CRIF’s information platform."

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EOS Michael Joho, Head of Operations,
EOS Schweiz AG

"With Collection Check, CRIF supplies us with a tool that we use as a decision-making guide in the area of ongoing processing of legal debt collection.
The cost-result ratio can more effectively be assessed through Collection Check."


FashionFriends Peter Schüpbach,
CEO Fashion, Friends AG

"As a leading online shopping club for branded apparel, accessories and lifestyle products, we use CRIF’s data assets, thanks to their almost complete coverage, not only for customer identification and verification purposes, but also for the seamless integration of customer credit screening at the moment of purchase. Thanks to, among other things, deferred billing together with CRIF’s credit scoring solutions, we have exceeded our sales forecasts while registering low losses from debtors. As an independent risk management partner, CRIF brings us great data quality and professional, customer-oriented consulting."


FlaschenPost Renzo Schweri, Co-Founder and Co-Director,
Flaschenpost Services AG

"As a leading online wine store we rely on the automated credit scoring solutions offered by CRIF, which are directly integrated into our sales process. By offering deferred billing to our customers since the end of 2008, we have been able to sharply increase our sales. Today, up to 80% of our sales are carried out through deferred billing. The quality of the data provided is important to us and keeps losses from debtors low. Additionally, CRIF offers flexibility and expert knowledge."

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GCL Daniel Migy, Director,
Geneve Credit & Leasing SA

"For a company involved in the lending and leasing business such as ours, a data bank of credit scoring information is a key requirement. With it, we can reconstruct the address histories of our clients and detect potential payment losses. After comparing CRIF with other service providers, we chose CRIF as our partner, as its solution offers us the best cost-effectiveness."


HostPoint Claudius Röllin, Member of the Board,
Hostpoint AG

"As the biggest Swiss web hosting provider, we rely on security through information. For years we have been processing application assessments for new customers. In the online business, values such as competence, quality, speed, availability, flexibility and trust are extremely important. CRIF incorporates all these values and provides Hostpoint with fast, simple and international credit scoring solutions which we can rely on 100%. CRIF meets our identification and credit scoring solution requirements, which is why we can recommend CRIF’s Deltavista solutions in good faith to other businesses."

Kelly Services Suisse SA

Referenz CRIF

Dominique Gros, CFO IT and administration
Kelly Services SA

"As part of our internal processes we periodically evaluate new and existing customers. For this reason we need high quality and up-to-date information. Using Credit Check Business from CRIF and debt collection information within the CRIF platform, we have everything we need to stay informed and to quickly handle all cases in Switzerland using high quality information."

La Redoute

Referenz CRIF

Marc Plattner, CFO
Redcats Suisse

"The goal of the online shop is to offer the best possible shopping experience. This is why the ‘payment on account’ option is fundamental, and for this reason we use CRIF solutions to identify potential bad payers and keep the number to a minimum. Our challenge is to achieve the optimum ratio between the probability of default and sales, and to ensure scoring quality and customer identification to achieve the highest returns."


Linsen Max Reto Baumgartner, Director,
Linsenmax AG
"If you want to be successful in Swiss e-commerce, you can’t rule out offering deferred billing. We at Linsenmax realized this early on, but only since the incorporation of Deltavista credit scoring solutions provided by CRIF have we been able to actually offer this service. Thanks to the direct interface between our shop solution ‘MySign’ to CRIF, credit screening takes place during the checkout process, minimizing costs. The data supplied by Deltavista is very reliable and reduces losses from debtors to an absolute minimum, and our current deficits are in the order of parts per thousand."
Mövenpick Wein

MoevenPick Urs Bucher, CFO,
Mövenpick Wein AG
"A significant part of Mövenpick Wein’s sales are made through deferred billing.
To avoid losses from debtors, credit screening is essential. In doing so, we rely on credit information supplied from the CRIF Gastro Pool ."

Pfister René Gebert, Head of Customer Accounting,
Möbel-Pfister AG
"Through CRIF solutions customer credit screening, which we have integrated into our SAP system directly at our points of sale, we were able to dramatically reduce the amount of order revisions. This has lifted a significant burden from our back office, while keeping valuable customer relationships in the hands of our consultants. For us, this represents a significant advantage."

PostFinance Cornelia Marti,Head of Product Management Postkonto,
"PostFinance has chosen CRIF’s identification solutions for address inquiries on returned or undeliverable mail. Experience gained using this service has shown us that address data inquiries can be conducted much more efficiently and with higher rates of success thanks to Deltavista’s highly accurate and up-to-date address data. What’s more, CRIF online software solutions are user-friendly and produce clearly structured reports."

PSP Roland Zbinden, director property management,
PSP Swiss Property AG
"We are very pleased with the services offered by CRIF. Not only the extent and up-to-dateness of data, but branch-specific information on commercial real estate in particular provides us with valuable support. Moreover, we value the clearly structured reports, simple operations and transparency of costs from CRIF.".

Referenz CRIF

René Fritschi, Head of Gönner-Center,
Swiss Air-Rescue Rega Centre

"Rega currently has around 3.3 million donors. In order to update donor addresses and handle returned mail, we want to use as little money as possible from donations. Using CRIF’s online search tool, we have found a way of updating donor addresses very efficiently and with a high success rate. No investment was required for system integration, and we could start searches immediately using the CRIF online platform. The high quality of address information from CRIF helps us stay in contact with all our donors."

Sanitas Troesch

Sanitas Troesch Stefan Donatsch, Head of Credit- and Debtors Management,
Sanitas Troesch AG
"The construction-pool is a daily supplier of up-to-date address and credit information used to evaluate new and existing customers. Consequently, CRIF represents an integral part of our successful credit management."
Swiss Mail Order Union

Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels Patrick Kessler, Head of VSV,
Swiss Mail Order Union
"Deferred billing in Switzerland is pretty much a must – without it, online businesses are missing out on important sales."

VSBH Balthasar E.L. Trümpy, Dr. iur.Director VSBH and Purchasing Department VSBH,
Swiss Construction Materials Union
"The construction material data pool supplies every connected VSBH member with up-to-date address and credit information. Successful credit management is therefore guaranteed."

Zalando Dominik Rief, Country Manager Switzerland and Austria
Zalando GmbH
"As a leading online shop in Europe, we have relied on credit screening and identification solutions from CRIF Deltavista in our Swiss and Austrian markets from the beginning. We have seamlessly integrated automated cash control into our order processes. Offering deferred billing together with CRIF’s screening solutions and our internal control systems contributes greatly to avoiding losses from debtors."