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Zurich, October 20, 2016
CRIF AG collaborated with the VSV Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels (the association representing Swiss mail-order traders) to carry out an online survey of Swiss online and mail-order traders on the subject of fraud. 95% of all the traders they surveyed had been affected by fraud. 
Taipei (Taiwan) and Bologna (Italy), September 9, 2016
CRIF, the global credit information company with head office in Bologna, Italy, has announced today the acquisition of CCIS, the Taiwanese-based credit information agency, from the previous shareholders, to carry forward its business growth and expansion path in the Asian market.

Bologna (Italy), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Krakow (Poland), July 27, 2016
CRIF has announced today the acquisition of Deltavista’s operations in Germany and Poland. Deltavista is one of the leading providers of credit bureau data and risk management services in Germany and Poland, helping organizations optimize risk management and their address processes with accurate data on private individuals and companies.
Zurich, June 22, 2016
Fraud prevention. Attempts at fraud are increasing in the online trading sector – but we can, to a large extent, protect ourselves.
The Swiss online retail trade continues to experience strong growth. In 2015 alone, the value of the mail order and online business in Switzerland grew by 7.5% to 7.2 billion CHF, according to the VSV Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels, the Swiss association for distance selling.
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